We are a third generation of watchmakers, a trade that is as exciting as it is demanding and one that we have defended with the same passion ever since 1963.

We offer our Technical Assistance Service for the repair and adjustment of watches from the brands available at Montiel, such as Patek Philippe, Omega and TAG Heuer.

Authorised repairs for leading watch brands

Led by Óscar Fernández de Prado, our team of experts can offer any kind of mechanical repair based on the criteria and requirements upheld by the watchmakers themselves. Our specialised training and watchmaking tradition mean that the technical service from Montiel guarantees a repair of the highest quality in the shortest time. Montiel can also offer an authorised Technical Service for such prestigious brands as Jaeger-LeCoultre, Panerai, IWC and Cartier.

Regular maintenance servicing

As part of our own two-year guarantee, we offer our customers a maintenance service on their premium watches for making adjustments or replacing a battery.

With this regular servicing, we can check the condition of your piece to ensure the mechanism is working properly and, in the event that a repair is needed, to streamline the process with an individual review of each part.

Because we aim to offer the best service to our clients so they can enjoy their watches for a long time to come.

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