Since 1963, the Montiel boutique has been a gateway to the world of fine jewellery and premium watches in Pamplona. Our exquisite displays serve as windows onto this incredible world, inviting you to marvel at incredible jewellery from internationally famous brands and to witness the precision of timepieces from exclusive brands.

We have been accompanying our customers at the most precious moments in their life for 60 years and bring that extensive experience as expert jewellers to you today.


Premium watches are as unique and precious as the brands that make up the selection at Montiel.

Patek Philippe, Omega, Nomos, TAG Heuer… Everyone has their own personal choice. So you can discover yours, we have all their latest pieces and complications at our boutique in Pamplona so you can find the model that suits you perfectly.


Montiel has been passionately exploring the fine jewellery world since 1963.

From simplicity and sophistication, through timeless classics to contemporary elegance, each fine jewellery brand in our select collection of premium pieces offers a unique and unequalled universe.

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Patek Philippe

We have been an official Patek Philippe retailer in Navarre since 1977. Creativity, innovation, tradition and craftsmanship are the iconic values of this maison, the last independent manufacturer from Geneva that still belongs to a single family today.

We invite you to explore the Patek Philippe world and come on an adventure with us through their latest collections.

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Every year, we present our exclusive collection of Montiel jewellery; our own pieces that we produce and design ourselves in vintage style. Discover it for yourself at our boutique in Pamplona.

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Avenida Carlos III in Pamplona is home to the Montiel boutique, bringing the most prestigious international fine jewellery and watch brands to Navarre.

Exclusivity, elegance, timeless classics, icons of sophistication, personalised recommendations and a friendly service are the values upheld by Montiel and have defined how we do business since Gonzalo Fernández Montiel and Dory de Prado began our story 60 years ago.

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